Many ways to lose weight ? Dieting alone isn't one of them! - David Samson is a London Clinical Hypnotherapist, specialising in hypnotherapy for weight loss

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lose weight with hypnosis
"How on earth can I lose weight with hypnosis?...Is there a quick way to lose weight?...I have tried every diet under the sun...they seem to work for a while then I regain all the weight and some more!!!..."

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Weight Loss Hypnosis


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*results may vary from person to person

Lose weight with hypnosis

Does Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss work?

Diets just deal with the food side of things but as you probably now realise, this has a lot to do with other issues and food is just a part of the whole picture. If you are seriously interested in using hypnotherapy to lose weight, the psychological root cause of the weight gain needs to be identified and addressed first; this is the difference that will allow you to lose weight with hypnosis successfully.

When I meet clients for the first time at the initial consultation, they quite often tell me that they eat out of boredom or comfort. Whilst this could be partially true, when in hypnosis, a greater insight is gained into why food plays such an important part in their life and the psychological issues that are uncovered can then be addressed to change that person's attitude towards food.

The technique I use is a fresh and quite unique approach to the growing problem of emotional eating and subsequent obesity.

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*results may vary from person to person
weight loss hypnosis


How can I lose weight with hypnosis?..

1). Do you eat too quickly? Are you always the first to finish? - Hypnotherapy can help you slow down as you eat and help you to eat 'mindfully' rather than just cramming the food in your mouth.

2). Some people feel that they are trying to fill a gap in their life, perhaps loneliness or lack of love... - Hypnotherapy can give a greater insight as to what is happening at a subconscious level with regards to the deep-rooted connection that a person has between emotions and food.

3). It is quite common for food to be treated as a reward - Hypnotherapy can uncover deep-rooted childhood associations with 'being a good girl and eating all your food so now you can have dessert / go out to play / have some sweets etc'.

4). The majority of people that I see are 'plate-clearers' - When a child is born, it has an in-built function that tells it when it is hungry and when full. As a child grows up, emotional pressure is placed upon that child eg 'have one more spoonful for Mummy etc' that causes the hunger / full signals to become confused with pleasing Mummy. Hypnotherapy can uncover these deep-rooted childhood memories that will help you correctly identify the 'stop sign' that tells a person when they are full.

5). Less-common reasons for overeating are punishment and protection - these are extremely powerful subconscious issues that have their roots in poor self esteem, self belief and confidence from a young age - Hypnotherapy can give a greater insight as to the root causes of these issues and deal with them at a subconscious level.

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*results may vary from person to person Clinical hypnotherapy for weight loss



1). Long term diets work...
...any hint of deprivation plays havoc with the subconscious brain and the appetite stimulating hormones kick in making you more hungry. 90% of yo-yo dieters regain the weight lost

2). Skipping breakfast teaches your body to burn fat... fact, the drop in blood sugar later on that day causes more compulsion around food

3). Diet drinks help you lose weight...
...a recent study from the University of Texas showed that diet drinkers' waist sizes grew 70% more in 10 years than non-diet drinkers. Artificial sweeteners are 13,000 times sweeter than sugar and switch on the sugar cravings that make you want more

4). Diet alone will result in weight loss...
...exercise is just as important as diet. 30 minutes walking a day is as good as a punishing gym regime

5). Starve all week and then blow out a weekends...
...not a good idea. Psychologically it teaches you that eating during the week is not a satisfying experience and will lead to even more reckless bingeing over the weekend

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*results may vary from person to person
Lose weight with Clinical Hypnotherapy


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