Hypnotherapy for Stress

stressed woman sitting at computer

We live in a world that can at times be unrelentingly busy and full of stressors. It is no wonder, then, that in the UK, 74% of adults report feeling at times ‘overwhelmed or unable to cope’ due to the levels of stress in their lives. (Source: www.mentalhealth.org.uk/news/stressed-nation-74-uk-overwhelmed-or-unable-cope-some-point-past-year) Often, stress is our body and mind’s […]

Hypnotherapy to Stop Drinking

man drinking alcohol

Whether you enjoy a celebratory glass of bubbly to mark an important occasion, or a pint of beer after a long day at work, there are varying levels to which drinking alcohol plays a part in many people’s lives. For some, it is easy for a dependance on alcohol to become out of hand, and […]