Hypnotherapy to Stop Drinking

Whether you enjoy a celebratory glass of bubbly to mark an important occasion, or a pint of beer after a long day at work, there are varying levels to which drinking alcohol plays a part in many people’s lives. For some, it is easy for a dependance on alcohol to become out of hand, and there are certain points at which we might perceive that our enjoyment of or dependence upon alcohol has started to become unhealthy.  It is at this point where alcohol use may start to be considered ‘alcohol abuse’.

The extreme end of this is alcoholism, which is classed a chronic substance abuse disorder, and requires long term specialist treatment.  This extreme form of alcohol abuse can have a chronic effect on health and lifestyle. If you are concerned that you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism, you should always consult a medical professional.  It is important that those suffering from alcoholism receive appropriate support and treatment.

But it is not only those suffering from alcoholism whose relationship with drinking can be unhealthy. Many people drink alcohol to help them deal with other issues such as anxiety and stress, which can result in an unhealthy dependence on drinking and a tendency to avoid dealing with the core issues that are bothering them.  This can result in unhealthy patterns of drinking such as binge drinking, when large amounts of alcohol are consumed in a short amount of time.

Why cut down on drinking?

Drinking too much alcohol can have negative effects in terms of health and wellbeing, often resulting in heavy drinkers feeling tired and sluggish throughout the day and having a lowered immune system. This can greatly impact on productivity at work and many find this also has an effect on their quality of life and relationships to other people.  Many feel that they wish that they could cut down their alcohol intake in order to improve these aspects of their lives. Constant hangovers can become a feature of a heavy drinker’s life, as well as weight gain, as many alcoholic drinks are high in calories. Some find that excessive drinking can blur the memory of special occasions, and can even detract from the ability to fully enjoy a social experience in the moment. Drinking to excess can also be an expensive habit, and many clients come to me hoping to change their drinking habits in order to gain greater control over their finances! Above all, if alcohol is being used to cover up a deeper issue, then seeking to reduce your alcohol intake with a method such as hypnotherapy can end up having far-reaching effects throughout your life and can really change your health and habits for good.

How can hypnotherapy help you with excessive drinking?

For those who drink alcohol to numb or cover up issues such as anxiety and stress, using hypnotherapy as a treatment has shown to work very well.  In some cases, it is recommended to use this therapy in conjunction with other medical support. 

Regression hypnotherapy allows subjects to revisit and reframe memories from early childhood that might be at the root of problems they are facing in their adult lives. Events in our early lives can have a huge effect on the way we function as adults.  Being able to manage the memories we have stored of these events in a positive way can go a long way to helping to change how we feel as adults. 

When I work with clients to achieve this, I will always discuss specific goals with the client, to find out how much they are currently drinking and what their particular patterns and habits are, as well as their aims for cutting down on alcohol; whether they want to stop drinking entirely or to simply reduce their alcohol intake. I then place the client into a relaxed state and use various methods and techniques tailored to the individual which will help them to achieve their goal. 

Why people choose hypnotherapy to help combat excessive drinking

There are a variety of commonly accepted methods for helping cut down (or cut out) alcohol. Many choose to attend support groups or try to simply use will power to go ‘cold turkey’. Setting yourself strict rules can often be very difficult if you do not have sufficient support and guidance, and for those whose alcohol use is linked to other issues in their lives, trying to give up alcohol without addressing the root problems themselves can end up feeling like an impossible task.  For many this simply does not work. Many make the choice to have hypnotherapy as they feel this will be an easier and less effortful way of combating their issue with alcohol, and while it is not always easy to deal with deep-seated issues that are at the root of your problems with drinking, hypnotherapy places you in a relaxed and comfortable state where you can manage certain memories and issues in a safe and secure way. A study carried out in Oslo in 2018 measured that hypnotherapy is effective at helping with a long-term decrease in alcohol consumption.  The study also found hypnotherapy to be more effective as a method than motivational interview therapy (another widely accepted form of treatment for cutting down on excessive drinking). 

Source: https://www.omicsonline.org/open-access/effect-of-hypnotherapy-in-alcohol-use-disorder-compared-to-motivational-interviewing-a-randomised-controlled-trial-2155-6105-1000368-105546.html


If you feel you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, and would like to improve your health and lifestyle, consider hypnotherapy as a treatment, and get in touch with me for an initial consultation!

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