Self Hypnosis with David Samson

self hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used to help overcome a wide range of issues, from anxiety and stress to fears and phobias. David Samson is an experienced hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of clients overcome their challenges through self-hypnosis. David holds a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (SQHP) and a Diploma in […]

Hypnosis for Claustrophobia

hypnosis for claustrophobia

If you’re struggling with claustrophobia, hypnosis could be a helpful treatment option. Claustrophobia is an intense fear of enclosed spaces, and it can be very debilitating. Hypnosis can help you to overcome your fear and regain control of your life. David Samson is an award-winning hypnotherapist with 20 years of experience treating claustrophobia. He has […]