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Weight loss hypnosis
Hypnotherapists review London

*Mr. Samson is the most genuine therapist I have ever come across.

I have been suffering from weight gain and food addiction that was affecting my confidence and willpower for almost half my life.

I was at my wits end trying to figure things out, when I came across Mr. Samson's website. I was sceptical about my abilities to access my sub conscious, and fearful of losing control over my actions, but Mr. Samson put all my fears to rest.

My sessions with him were very comforting and I always felt safe. He engaged me in a conversation that comes from a place of compassion and empathy.

He gave me tips and ideas to help me maintain the progress I made. My confidence has grown leaps and bounds and I find myself asking for challenges at work, that I have previously never done.

Thank you, Mr. Samson. I am very grateful.


*results may vary from person to person

Weight loss hypnosis
Hypnotherapists review London

*David is friendly and easy to talk to, he made me feel relaxed from the moment I stepped into his office.

After an initial consultation I was surprised to hear he was not going to tackle the weight problem on its own but he wanted to get to the root of it.

I will cherish my sessions as I found out quite a few things about myself, what an experience! I've already lost 9 lb without exercising at all and I feel younger.

I could not recommend David enough.

Jenny L

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy for anxiety
Hypnotherapists review London

*I sought David's help for my 12 year old daughter who suffers from school anxiety. David's welcoming and kind persona made her feel at ease from the first intro session; his compassionate approach and understanding provided her with a safe environment to talk about her anxiety openly. The techniques she learned during the sessions gave her the knowledge and understanding of anxiety and how to cope with it. I highly recommend David.

Many thanks again for all your help.


*results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy for depression
London hypnotherapy review

*Seeing David was the best thing I did for my mental health.

He's incredible and gave me my life back when the future looked so bleak. He's allowed me to be the best version of me.

Highly recommend him.


*results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy for anxiety
London hypnotherapy review

*After years of trying (and failing) to fix a specific problem that had greatly troubled me, I found David.

I had never had hypnotherapy before so was apprehensive, but David made me feel welcomed, comfortable and cared about in no time. After just five sessions, I now feel free and "rebooted"; a better version of myself.

On a daily basis, I am surprised and delighted by the long-lasting positive effects that I notice in myself, and the impact this has on the people around me.

Thank you David!


*results may vary from person to person

Phobia therapy hypnosis
Hypnotherapists review London

*I lived through 40 years with a dreadful phobia.

Then I met David Samson and in 5 hours he changed my life.

They say life begins at 40, well mine did.

Forever grateful.


*results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy for anxiety & depression
Hypnotherapists review London

*I have suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my adult life.  

At the age of 56 I was beginning to think that nothing could ever help me when a friend put me in touch with David.  I was reluctant at first and doubted that our sessions would have any effect but I stuck with it and I am so glad I did.

My first visit to David was on New Year's Eve and a few months on I can honestly say I have never felt better.  I would wake each morning with a feeling of dread and panic and it would take me hours to decide whether or not to get out of bed and face another day.  

David's therapy has  given me back my zest for life and the confidence to make plans for the future.  My passion for music has returned and I am looking forward to socialising with my friends again and rekindling some friendships that I have been neglecting for years.  

David is professional, patient and kind; he made me feel at ease right from the start and I would highly recommend him. 

Mary Ann Hamblen

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks
London hypnotherapy review

*Hi David,

 I just wanted to give you a little update on my life since the last time you saw me! Last week marked 365 days since my last panic attack! That is all because of you.

I literally cannot thank you enough for what you helped me do. I am doing great at university I am nearly at the end of my first year. I am met some amazing friends and can trust people again. My work is going well I am on track to get a 2:1 this year.

I am eating so much better in fact I ate sushi last week! Last night I ate a kebab from a little kebab shop and I didn't spend all night freaking out about if it was going to make me sick.

I literally cannot thank you enough I think you're one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I hope you're well. Thank you again!

With love

Jessica :).

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy for self belief
London hypnotherapy review

*When I first set out on this path of self help and self discovery, I genuinely didn't know if anyone could really and truly help me. After searching online for therapists and then researching some more, I booked a consultation to learn about the "process" and to see if David would be a "good fit" for me.

The consultation was quite an eye opener for me. David was patient, understanding, non-judgemental as well as extremely accepting of all the emotions that I was experiencing.

At one point during our discussion, I ended up in tears and rather than dousing me in the usual "there there, it'll all be ok", statements that I was used to, David calmly and patiently picked up a box of tissues and offered it to me then sat patiently and waited for me. He didn't try to fill the silence or try to stop me. He just let me be. We then started discussing matters again and David addressed my tears with just the right amount of empathy and understanding and made sure that I didn't feel embarrassed or stupid at any point during the consultation. I realised at that point that David may just be the solution that I needed.

By my second session, I found a profound change within myself. A quiet sense of
self confidence and understanding of myself and my emotions were the result and the changes within my relationships with those around me changed drastically and for the better.

I had 5 sessions with David in total and they genuinely have helped shape my life in a positive direction. No, David cannot stop life from throwing problems at you, (can anyone?) BUT he can help you to understand yourself better and learn to deal with problems in a much more healthier and effective manner.

I still have issues and problems, yet I have learnt and accepted that I need to work on myself on a daily basis, which is what I am trying to do and David has taught me the tools to help me with that process.

I have an extremely hectic life but have found myself sitting peacefully and enjoying those few minutes that I get to myself with a smile that radiates from within. I have David to thank for that.

Many may think that his session prices are expensive but I think you really have to evaluate whether a long term change in your mindset for the better is worth the cost or not. If nothing else, I would advise you to, at the very least, go for the consultation before you make up your mind.

I did, and it changed my life.

Yasmin Kermali


*results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

*David's sessions were well planned and tailored to meet my Individual needs.

Always greeted me on time and very quickly was able to identify my problems and devise a remedial approach.

His many years of experience soon became evident which instilled much confidence in me.

I appreciated his direct manner and approach. He also willingly supplied me with relaxation methods. Many thanks!

Susan Swift

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy for stress

*Having suffered with stress for all of my adult life my family have been trying to encourage me to seek professional help for a number of years.

I finally went to see David and five sessions has enabled me to deal with the stresses in my life a lot more productively.

I worry much less about things that are not within my control and stress in general no longer rules my life.



*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for weight loss

*When I first came to David I was not sure he could help me.

I've been to him a few times now and I have to say, he is absolutely brilliant! I have come on so fast and made so much progress it's really astounding.

David does not use "quick fixes" in hypnotherapy by suggestion that you see a smaller plate as satisfying for example.

He goes to the root causes deep inside which you never knew made you who you are, including those parts that aren't so easy to deal with (losing weight, phobias etc)

 If you decide to go to see David I can tell you from my experience that you will meet a genuinely caring person who does indeed have the tools to really help you.

 Fantastic guy,

Thank you David.

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis for fear of flying

*Hi David - writing with a big thank you for your help . I am so amazed that I just flew  direct to Cape Town via Dubai - a total of 15 hours flying time with some turbulence and although I didn't enjoy the experience , I had no panic or extreme anxiety . I also used your recordings as well during the flight to relax me and help me sleep. I watched about 6 movies , slept and even made a new friend with a fellow passenger

I find this extraordinary as I couldn't even fly two hours without extreme panic/ anxiety before I saw you for those four sessions .  

Many thanks , Miriam xx

*results may vary from person to person

Phobia therapy using hypnosis

*I've seen David about 7/8 times now. During my consultation, he knew so much about my phobia I immediately felt reassured that he obviously had a lot of knowledge and experience.

He's easy to talk to, and makes you feel very safe and comfortable and most importantly, understood.

Its not a quick fix, don't expect to have one session and walk out rid of all your sufferings, instead it changes how you think in what feels like a very subtle way, but the impact it has when put into practice during stressful times, is really quite impressive.

I have suffered with anxiety and emetophobia all my life.

I have had various different therapies since I was 7 (now 25) and nothing has seemed to do much.

This is the first time I feel stronger, and like I can cope better.

Its difficult to explain but I feel like I care less about all the nonsense that preoccupies my mind.

I still suffer with everything I did before I saw David, but I'm understanding and experiencing how the same subconscious mind that makes me feel as awful as I often do, is the same mind that has the power to help me, in fact its the only thing capable of helping me get over/cope better.

I will continue to see David and practice the techniques I've learnt.


*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for claustrophobia

*Dear David,

I'm really happy and relieved to say - after experiencing the 'new calmer Molly' for a few weeks now - my claustrophobia appears to have diminished, I have a renewed belief in myself and my constant anxiety is no longer present. David and several of my friends also notice my improved behaviour.

Thank you, thank you. It feels great.

Never having experienced any therapies of the mind before, I was initially quite nervous and a little sceptical. I am amazed at my progress and so grateful to you for returning me to my former self - fully confident and in charge.

Even my diarrhoea has cleared after fourteen months, notwithstanding several endocrinologists confirming there was nothing medically wrong with me.

Extraordinary what the power of the mind is able to conjure up.

Many thanks again David and warmest wishes, Molly

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for arachnophobia

*Hi David,

It worked! Big spiders still give me goosebumps but not more than everyone and not more than big insects in general.

Apart from that I've even been able to catch some small and medium ones and throw them out of my room. Impressive.

Let's be honest I was a sceptic when I came to see you but you did something that I believed truly impossible. It really changed my life and I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart.          

Adrien Franc

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for anxiety

*It's hard to really express in words how much David has helped with my anxiety. It took place over four sessions and unearthed some interesting things. I approached it with a positive mind and got the results I want. Yes there are cheaper out there, but David is worth every penny having got the results I have.

Oliver Wilson

*results may vary from person to person


*A friend recommended David to me and, to be honest, I was doubtful that he could help me with complex problems stemming from a disordered childhood and a dysfunctional family. But I was at a very low point and phoned him. He reassured me that he could help and so the sessions began.

The effects of David's work were subtle but after my second session I experienced an unexpected and big shift. These changes continued and by my sixth session I felt quiet self-confidence, I found myself relating and responding to people in a subtly different way. For the first time in my life I felt secure and happy with myself.

Life's ups and downs still happen of course, but they don't throw me as much, I know my equilibrium will be restored quickly and I am happy to be me. I use the download David sent me every day and find it reinforces the effects of our sessions.

Thank you David, I'll always be grateful for your skills, empathy, and wise comments on life.


*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for anxiety

*After years of trying different remedies and self help methods I decided to seek professional help.

I had read that Hypnosis had a very high success rate. After doing a lot of research online I came across David. His expertise and experience convinced me instantly that this would be the person to help me.

After our initial Skype conversation, we agreed on a date for my first session. I was very nervous and excited at the same time. As soon as I met David he took me into a relaxed state of mind.

His confidence and empathy really made me feel that I trusted him and I wasn't going to be judged for the reason's I had initially gone for.

Every session I became more and more at peace with myself and the missing pieces of the puzzle made sense at last.

David had unlocked the mysteries I had never been able to find and finally the demons had left my thoughts.

I have never had this inner peace that I feel and I'm conquering fears head on that I couldn't face for years.

Finally I am getting my life back, but this would never have been possible without David. The insight he has into how you think and why is truly amazing, I can't thank you enough for giving me hope again and showing me a new chapter in my life.

Zoe Rust.


*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for anxiety

*After a lifetime of anxiety and several bouts of depression, followed by 2 years of therapy, Ii became depressed and very anxious again and was in despair as to whether I would ever be truly well again. I was managing the anxiety ... Just, but the depression was very deep.

A dear friend gave me David's number and an appointment was made for the following Saturday.
From the first moment David shook my hand I felt calm and relaxed, something anyone who has suffered depression would understand how rare that is when meeting someone new.

I had 6 sessions with David, not all of them easy, but David was always there to talk or e mail me when things became tough.

What followed over those 6 sessions is nothing short of miraculous. Not only have I picked up my life again, lim actually enjoying challenges that in the past would have been stressful to say the least. I am convinced that working with David made this possible, he has an amazing gift.

I am now a 63 year old grandmother who is still riding her young Arab horse and leaving the youngsters in our wake.

Thank you David from the bottom of my heart.

June Powell.

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for insomnia

*I first went to see David early in 2015. Insomnia had been part of my life since I was a child, and I was 44 years old.

As a journalist with a demanding job and a family, the fact I was sometimes going without sleep at all some nights, was beginning to cost me dear. Sleep - or rather the lack of it - had become an obsession.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture hadn't worked. Neither had CBT. Nor had prescription drugs. My insomnia was so acute, I could 'fight' chemical sleep. When I saw David I was quite desperate.

On occasion, my job requires me to 'roadtest' therapies for magazines and websites - but when I came to see David it wasn't as part of such a test. I was a regular, paying client looking for a solution to severe insomnia.

It took four sessions. Things started to noticeably improve after the first couple of sessions. I didn't want to write a review immediately, as I wanted to see whether these changes were lasting.

It has been almost two years now, and I no longer use medication, no longer obsess over my bedtime routine, and when I do on occasion suffer sleeplessness - I now know that this is a blip.

Most nights I get a good seven hours sleep.

David's treatment has been a life-changer.


*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for IBS

*I am a 23 year old male and came to visit David after a severe IBS flare up that lasted a few months. It was stressing me out which was inevitably exacerbating the symptoms. I was struggling with all the associated symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, stress etc... I had tried conventional therapy and medication to no avail.

The IBS and symptoms were consuming my life so I thought I would try hypnotherapy, I had read endless positive results from IBS patients so thought I would give it a try. I did a lot of research into whom to see, and after watching videos online decided to book a consultation with David. From the offset I felt calm and comfortable in his presence, he was patient and explained exactly how our sessions would go. He was incredibly understanding of the mental situation I was in in relation to, essentially a physical issue...

I was quite sceptical about how the Hypnosis would feel or work, but was open to the experience, which is the most important thing if you would like to benefit from David's sessions. David taught me to essentially control my own hypnosis and you feel in constant control which is an incredibly comforting feeling. The sessions open your mind to things your conscious mind may not be able to access.

Immediately after the session I felt incredibly at ease and more confident in my self and situation. I have not suffered from an IBS flare ups since the first session 5 weeks ago and have an almost completely different outlook on situations I previously may have feared or situations that would make me feel stressed.

I have since had 3 more sessions with David to explore the underlying causes of these issues and each session I feel more confident and more at ease. David's sessions have enlightened me and helped me to become my former self, prior to any IBS burdens.

I highly recommend any IBS sufferers visit David, coming from someone who has tried everything for this issue, the benefits you may reap are outstanding. Just go in with an open mind and David will help you with the rest!

Ali Yousuf - London

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for depression

*The first time I went to see David, I was a jibbering wreck, who couldn't make decisions or answer questions about me or anything else, without first consulting my husband.

I had depression and very bad associated anxiety. It had got so bad, I was very nearly house bound. All my thoughts and words were negative, I shook from top to toe. I was living in HELL.

I was encouraged to seek David's help by my husband.

I was absolutely terrified about seeing him, but knew I had to do something to help myself feel better.

As soon as I saw David, I instantly felt relaxed and instinctively knew I would be safe with him. It was the best decision I'd made in my life.

David is calm, gentle, patient and incredibly intuitive.

Even after the first session with him, I was swapping negative words for positive ones. My husband was so amazed.

I remember after the third session, I naturally went to do something and that negative voice in my head said, No, no you can't do that... There was no one else in the house, but I just shrugged at the voice and carried on doing what I'd gone to do... I was so shocked by my own reaction, I remember ringing my mum to tell her the great news!

With no exaggeration, I can honestly say that David saved my life. I was so desperate before I saw him. He changed my whole life for the better in just a few sessions.

I now have my own catering business and so much more confidence to believe in myself and what I do.

He oozes such confidence and positivity; you just can't help but be lifted and positive after you've seen him.

I would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone. In fact I have many times!

Suzanne Holloway

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for thumb sucking

*Hypnotherapy with David Samson was an incredible experience.

He has helped me to overcome a habit I've had all my life, sucking my thumb, which I've never been able to break.

Not only have I willingly stopped sucking my thumb...I feel as if I've been making better decisions in day-to-day life and become a stronger person.

I feel more confident and happy and secure in myself.

Hypnotherapy has been about about getting to the root of the problem and readjusting my way of perceiving things clearly.

It's been a true healing process and I do recommend giving it a go full heartedly if you've ever wondered if there's a way to overcome anything you've struggled with.

Lydia Sadana, Surbiton

*results may vary from person to person

Treatment for panic attacks

*Before I went to see David, I had attended university for all of one day and then left due to severe panic attacks and depression.

This was really hard for me to accept as I had dreams of becoming a barrister. I believed I would never be able to live a normal life!

I still have some problems but nothing compared to when I first went. Not only did he help me get over some fears he made me realise I could do whatever I wanted and I had the talent to do so.

I completed my first mini pupilage last month and I never would have had the courage to do it without him. Apparently I'm a good candidate so thank you.

I am off to university on Friday to start the next chapter of my life to study law and philosophy. Thank you so much you are one the most amazing people I have ever met and I hope we are lifelong friends.

Jess Biele

*results may vary from person to person

Treatment for fear of being sick

*David Samson helped me save my life.

I saw him from the age of 15 to 20 for treatment for Emetophobia. I am now 23.

With his help I went from being terrified to leave my house on a bad day, to now driving regularly to jobs as a makeup artist and model.

Am I 100% cured? No, but as David says, you need to allow yourself 10% for blips, which in fact takes off a lot of pressure as you don't feel you've failed if you struggle.

David gives you the tools to cope on these bad days, empowering you and giving you your independence back.

If I'd been told 8 years ago that I'd be where I am today I'd have never believed it.

Thank you, David, for helping me  on the road to where I want to be.

Hypnotherapy phobia treatment with Sophie Wighton

Sophie Wighton

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for anger

*David Samson has helped me change my negative thought process and behaviour in tremendous ways.

I used to be anti-social and family relationships in my life were broken at the age of 22.

I would let the smallest of problems stress me out and I would respond in a aggressive, unfriendly manner.

Because of David, I no longer get angry, he has made me think in a more positive way towards many aspects of my life.

I am now more happy, relaxed, sociable and confident. The relationships in my life have now been mended and people close to me have noticed an exceptional change in me.

Thanks David, You've changed my life :).

Sonny B

*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for weight loss

*Initially, I was seriously doubtful that David Samson could help me with my excessive eating habits.

My long-standing negative relationship with food was spiralling out of control and I had been  gaining weight for 7 years!

But, my initial reservations were completely wrong! With just 5 sessions over 3 months, everything for me changed.

My negative eating habits have completely fallen away and I now feel so liberated! I'm more empowered to implement positive changes in my daily life and my outlook on life has brightened considerably. I have also lost weight and still loosing!

David is a true professional who I felt genuinely cared and applied all of his expertise to solve issues I had been battling with for years.

I would recommend his services time and time again! Thank you so much for all your help!

Nina B, London

*results may vary from person to person

Treatment for fear of drowning

*Having struggled with fear of drowning for the past 15 years, I finally decided to give hypnotherapy a try, without any real hope of it working.

I was surprised how quickly David got to the root of my fear which turned out to be something entirely different from my expectation.

I found David to be a kind, understanding and empathic listener and together we were able to revisit and work through early childhood issues.

After 4 sessions I am now able to look at the deep end as a friend and not an enemy and I enjoy my swimming much more than I did these past 15 years.


*results may vary from person to person

Hypnosis treatment for depression

*David Samson was recommended to me by a friend and only through sheer desperation made an appointment for depression.

He is an expert; after 3 sessions I felt uplifted...my confidence is good and feel so different about myself.

After a traumatic family issue, I have moved on. David...life is great and I am in a good place even having confidence to complete a 3 mile swim for charity!

Thank u again.

Julie Reed, Swansea

*results may vary from person to person

Treatment for fear of flying

*Hi David, Well....my journey both to and from Istanbul went very well indeed

I took a half a pill, spoke to the air stewards, sat next to my daughter, listened to your CD and was absolutely fine!!!!

Coming back, I started to get agitated in the taxi because my mind was just going to negative thoughts all the time but I listened to your recording and got myself in check and coped really well.

I remembered everything we talked about and put the techniques into practice and it worked!!! This is real progress for me!  

Thanks again for everything

Fear of flying successfully treated with hypnosis

Amanda Noar


*results may vary from person to person

Treatment for weight loss review

*David is the real deal. No tricks, no gimmicks here.

If you want to find out why you get in your own way and you want to move forward, David will get you there.

If not, don't waste his time and your money.

Chris Davies, London

*results may vary from person to person


*David is professional, incredibly helpful, and I would recommended him to everyone.

His passion and expertise in regards to regression hypnotherapy is comforting and reassuring.

If you're willing to work with David to better yourself, the results may surprise you!

Joseph, London

*results may vary from person to person

Treatment for poor confidence

*I have recently received hypnosis treatment as I was feeling unconfident with some work issues.

David was very reassuring, made me feel welcome and explained exactly how the treatment would be carried out.

Straight away he recognised it wasn't my confidence it was that I'm afraid of failure and letting people down.

He also showed me some techniques that I could practice at home as well as at work.

Since I completed my treatment I am now able to speak out in front of a large group, have the ability to direct others and defuse signs of embarrassment.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone with any withdrawal symptoms as I feel it has really helped in my career.

Katy Wills, Watford


*results may vary from person to person

Treatment for poor self esteem

*As a true sceptic, I was reluctant to try hypnotherapy, but after 10 years of talk-therapy that led nowhere, I decided to make an appointment with David Samson.

I was not a smoker, a drinker or overweight, I had a successful career, and an Ivy League education, a marriage, but for some reason I was not happy. Deep down I knew my self-esteem, self-worth and the way I was living my life was not right.

I found David Samson and I am so lucky I did. I can honestly say that after 6 sessions with David, my outlook on life, my confidence level, my relationships and the new way I think about myself has been transformed.

It is truly amazing how much your subconscious, negative thoughts and past demons can prevent you from being happy.

David is a true master of his art. If you think you owe it to yourself to be happy,

I highly recommend you give David a try.


*results may vary from person to person

Treatment for claustrophobia review

*I saw David for my fear of tube trains, claustrophobia in short.

After a few sessions my fear lessened and I was able to take journeys on the tube. But there were other benefits to seeing David too.

Whilst dealing with the claustrophobia he also tackled an anxiety I had masked which was stopping me living my life more fully.

He liberated me from this anxiety which had inhibited me in so many ways and after seeing David for a few sessions I found I was able to be less embarrassed about wearing make up, and I became more feminine, something I previously found I was too embarrassed to be and act like.

I worked in construction and even found myself applying pink lipgloss in front of my burly male colleagues at one point which completely surprised even me when I did it; that brings a smile to my face even now when I think of that. I would never have done that before because I was so inhibited.

 David has this intuitive way of working which gets right to the core of the problem, which fixes you and just makes you sparkle and feel so empowered. I can't thank David enough.


*results may vary from person to person

Treatment for stress and anxiety review

*Around four years prior to my sessions with David, I witnessed him completely transform my mum from someone who would refuse to get out of bed in the morning, to someone who was filled with excitement and eager to live again. Needless to say, both my mum and I were amazed by David's magic.

Recently, I decided to finally do something about the issues that I was facing and didn't think twice about contacting anyone else. Completing work and not being overwhelmed by stress or anxiety was an absolute myth, and being a university student, this proved to be an incredibly huge problem. David was quick to reassure me that I'm not alone and that many students suffer with the same issues, which immediately put me at easy.

The sessions that followed were some of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. I left each session feeling refreshed, happy and keen to get on with work. David understands people better than they understand themselves, and without his kindness, genuine interest in really helping each individual, I don't think I'd make it through university.

I couldn't be more grateful, thank you so much David. You're honestly a wizard and a friend, and I will definitely stay in contact!

Agnesa Ruse

*results may vary from person to person

Weight Loss therapy review

*David Samson is remarkable in that he possesses a rare skill and expertise.

These qualities, combined with his intuitive perception, empathy and positivity, make him unique.

I originally sought his help over a long-standing emotional problem, and he solved it rapidly.

Then, under his care and guidance, I lost over four stone in weight.

 This has opened up a whole new world for me, one previously undreamed of, or thought possible.

My sister, who lives in America, was so impressed with the change in me, that she came to England to consult David. She says he has changed her life.

David's hypnotherapy has outstanding results, but first and foremost I think it is the man's personality which shines through: humorous, wise and kind.

He made me feel as if I mattered for the first time in my life.

His calm support, almost magical powers, and his ability to assuage negative emotions, have given me the strength and determination to face life with resolution and equanimity.


*results may vary from person to person

Fear of flying therapy review

*I came to see David having exhausted every other avenue of hope to overcome my fear of flying.

His expert guidance and knowledge immediately reduced any trepidation I may have had about the treatment.

The sessions were fantastic and insightful, helping me to understand the root of my fears and leaving me feeling confident in my ability to leave my long-standing and habitual anxiety behind.

The results have been incredible - I can say his therapy has changed my life. I am able to fly with confidence and assurance now.

From a starting point of believing this fear would plague my life always, I am now in a position where my previous anxiety hardly even registers. I've since been able to make previously 'impossible' trips in helicopters and long distance flights, including my dream trip to New York earlier this year.

Since our initial sessions, I have spoken to David about some other underlying issues, with equal success.

Saying 'thank you' seems scarcely sufficient for the help you've given me.

Best wishes.

John Bonny

*results may vary from person to person

Fear of public speaking review

*I have suffered from fear of public speaking throughout my 25 year career which became more of a problem in later years. I had previously attended workshops, read self help books, had coaching and seen various therapist including hypnotherapists to help with my problem and although I had made some progress, I still suffered from severe anxiety.

From my first meeting with David, I felt at ease and comfortable with sharing extremely private and sensitive information due to what he said to me, the direct manner in which he spoke and the physical environment which he practiced from.

Over the course of the coming weeks, David got to the core of my problem which not only helped with public speaking but also addressed a number of other self image and confidence issues.

David has a genuine desire to help people and has always been available for post consultation follow up and provided guidance when there has been an issue that I needed help with.

It was a fascinating and sometimes difficult journey as I worked through my issues however I always felt supported and I am so appreciative of being able to address issues that have haunted me for many many years.

I highly recommend David and will always be grateful for him transforming my life.

Belinda Jones

*results may vary from person to person

Improve Self Confidence therapy review

*As a result of David's hypnotherapy support and encouragement I feel more self confident, more able to handle disappointment, more in control of my disordered eating and drinking, more able to face the future with a positive mental attitude.

David has positively helped me come to terms with some major impending life changes that I expect to face next year.

Without his help the future looked daunting, with his help my future and all the impending changes are something to embrace and look forward to.

Bryn Satherley

*results may vary from person to person

Improve Self Confidence therapy review

*David is an exceptional practitioner who enables the client to take control of things that they want to change.

I cannot rate him highly enough. I now see him once a month for a 'David Samson' top up!

My work with David has enabled me to 'untie' lots of knots - old emotions/habits/behaviours etc.

In my view, David is highly skilled and has enabled me to be/become the person I want to be.

 I believe he recently won the 'Hypnotherapist of the Year' award. There is a reason for that: he has a high degree of emotion intelligence combined with integrity and a skill base to enable you to make the changes you want to make.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.


*results may vary from person to person

Phobia therapy review

*David has helped me with a phobia and another anxiety related issue of late. I would recommend his services as he has helped me significantly and is very approachable and understanding.

Kayleigh G

*results may vary from person to person

Phobia therapy review

*David has really helped me with my fear of being sick, I feel like I'm in a much more positive place now and my anxiety is a lot better.


*results may vary from person to person

Phobia therapy review

*When you have a phobia it can restrict what you do in daily life or cause you to have various tendencies/routines.

Sometimes you think you'll never get over it and when you try various therapies that don't work, this only cements the fact in your mind.

I met with David and he entirely changed my way of thinking, gave me the tools I needed to improve how I deal with things and he was an absolute expert in his field, supportive and full of good advice.

 I have suffered from emetophobia for many years and whilst I'm not fully over the phobia, I'm a million miles away from where I was. I improve each day and saying thank you to David doesn't seem enough.

I highly recommend him.


*results may vary from person to person

Fear of flying therapy review

*I arranged to see David for fear of flying after seeing an article online about him.

I had wrestled with my fear for years but perhaps unlike most, I felt I knew why I had the phobia and in fact, a multitude of other anxieties. I was raised to be very emotionally open and have never suffered with the inability to talk about how I feel. Given that, I was sceptical that David would be able to 'reveal' anything that I didn't already know! I was totally wrong.

David enabled me to see into a part of myself that I hadn't even realised existed. There were memories and experiences that I had either repressed or totally dismissed that turned out to be of huge significance. David helped me to unlock those memories, which explained 'why I am the way I am'. In doing so, I feel much more able to take action and in general, feel much 'lighter'!

I imagine I'll turn to David again for guidance; as he rightly says, it's not a fix-all solution - nothing is! But he has given me a fantastic starting point and I'm incredibly grateful.


*results may vary from person to person

Fear of flying therapy review

*After 3 sessions, I had the opportunity to go on a flight, and I am not going to lie, I was extremely anxious.

I called David and he told me to think about the work that we have done during our sessions.

This is exactly what I did by thinking of a very powerful image David asked me to visualize during our sessions.

The following day, I took a 6 hour flight to the Middle East. I was extremely surprised to see that I was perfectly relaxed and feeling confident without all these crazy ideas that something has to happen to me.

I read my magazine, slept, played on my tablet and made jokes with other passengers. I was not anticipating nervously the flight back which really made me enjoy my holidays instead. And although it was quite bumpy, I felt perfectly fine.

I was feeling hopeless before these sessions with David and I almost accepted that I would never be able to be on a plane. I wish I had taken this step much earlier.

Further than the fear of flying, these sessions really helped me with anxiety and other issues in other areas of my life (relationship, etc).

I cannot recommend David enough and guarantee that you will be impressed with his experience, availability and non judgmental approach like I was.

You can go with confidence.


*results may vary from person to person

Fear of driving therapy review

*When I first came to see David I hadn't driven on a motorway for over 12 years and  dropping my daughter off at nursery always felt like like a near miss. It felt like cars on the other side of the road were coming straight at me and going over 30 mph sent me into blind panic. 

I had refresher driving lessons but my teacher confirmed what I knew - I had no problem driving I just needed to overcome my fears. 

David has a very calming presence and genuinely cares about his patient's recovery.  The thing I liked the most about his technique is that I always knew what was going on and it was amazing to discover  how my childhood  fears / experiences which were seemingly unrelated were limiting me as an adult. 

David didn't force me to take myself out of my comfort zone but after a few sessions I found myself volunteering to drive places whereas my husband would always drive. 

After the fourth session something massive happened and my everyday driving suddenly felt totally natural  so I drove around on all the local roads which previously scared me, looking for the fear (It never came!)

Last week I made my biggest step forward - I drove my husband and daughter on the m25 - my husband couldn't believe the difference in my confidence and I drove an hour with a smile on my face - something which would have been unthinkable earlier this year. 

Thank you so much David!

*results may vary from person to person

Fear of flying therapy review

Hi David,

*Back from Tenerife now after having a magical holiday with the family, we had a fantastic time and my batteries are fully recharged! 

When driving to the airport my stomach was turning cartwheels but I looked at my family and others around me and really got myself in holiday and excitement mode!

As the departure time got nearer and nearer I could feel the excitement building, and my children's excitement too!! We boarded and I felt (to my amazement) completely at ease and really happy to be there, during all parts of the flight I felt the same and even though it was a rough flight I was completely happy! No sweating, no gripping of the seat and I even dropped off for a while which would have never happened before.

I was aware that I was on an aircraft but must say that I would now fly anywhere and can't wait for our next holiday!

I would have never believed that this change was possible and you really have changed my life for the better!

Many thanks for everything you have done for me and my family and I will keep you informed of my continued adventures around the planet!


Matthew Horne

*results may vary from person to person

Improved self confidence review

Dear David,

*It is difficult for me to articulate just how grateful I am for your help through our hypnotherapy sessions. 

I came to you as a bit of a sceptic but very much in need of a change and willing to give it a go. 

Over the years, I have tried a variety of treatments including cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, yoga, beach holidays and self-help books and they all helped .... a bit.  The hypnotherapy has done wonders in a matter of weeks. 

Although I came to you to address self-confidence issues, our sessions have touched upon and improved a multitude of aspects in my life, which I did not expect but am benefitting greatly from.   Not only has my self-esteem increased markedly but, after struggling for years with deep depression,

I truly feel better and am convinced for the first time in ages that I will know fundamental happiness.  I am not just happy on the surface; I have hope again - something that (thought) I lost a long time ago.   These results are akin to a miracle in my eyes! So, thank you so very much for everything you have done for me.

Warm regards,


*results may vary from person to person

Improved self confidence review

Hi David,

*I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. Really I can't actually thank you enough. You have made me believe in myself and I feel unstoppable.

Thank you thank you,

Annabel G

*results may vary from person to person

Fear of flying therapy review

David ,

*I am able to live as ' normal ' person . I experience what seemed to me unattainable. I'm not a plate clearer anymore. Never more! There are plenty of small situations - every day, of which I am extremely proud. I'm still treating those changes as something unusual (as it is something absolutely marvellous) .

It's easier , it is really easier every day. Szymon tells me all the time that I'm a different Milena , better Milena. And our relationship is flying. Obviously, there are some heavier moments.. but they quickly disappear .

I can easily cope with the so called bad days, if something like that still exists.

I could write and write about what I feel , but I hope that in this short message I made a little bit of what I'd like you to pass .
Once again, thank you a lot!

And as Szymek said- it was our best investment ever.

Kindest regards, Milena

*results may vary from person to person

Weight loss therapy review


*I came to see you six years ago. I just wanted you to know how great my life is!! I enjoy each and every day instead of dreading waking up! I had fears and phobias about most things in life.

The help you gave me enabled me to take the steps that have completely turned my life around, the confidence just keeps on growing, I lost 3 stone in weight , gave up smoking, and came off medication.

I'm sure you see so many people David, but I just thought I would drop you a line to let you that I LIVE my life now, I never thought it was possible.

I've had to deal with some very tough times in the last six years but I found the courage and strength to deal with them.

 Kind Regards,

Julie Owen.

*results may vary from person to person

Fear of spiders therapy review


*Just a few short weeks ago I came to see you about my arachnophobia. I was so scared of spiders that I could not be in the same room as one, I could not look at pictures and if anyone even talked about spiders I would have a physical reaction.

Now I can look at pictures online of even big scary ones and although they still look a bit creepy, I am not afraid of them. I can stand near spiders without barely even a glance in their direction and I have even tried to pick one up on paper to take it outside. I now to stop people from hurting spiders.

If anyone is thinking of hypnotherapy for arachnophobia but is sceptical, let me assure you that David can help you, he gets amazing results and will change your life.

Thanks David for all of your help, it has meant a huge amount to me.

Mary-Jane Torbett

*results may vary from person to person

Fear of vomiting therapy review

*Thought I'd share today with you- it has been a real landmark!

Yesterday one of my consultants was off with a bug. He came back in today, and I did my usual, wash your hands, don't make me tea etc. 

About two hours later , my other consultant was sick. And continued to be sick all day. I didn't run out of the branch, even though I could hear her, which I've done before. I didn't send her home immediately and then not go to the loo all day. Yes, I did make her leave the fan on, and no, I will never use the mouthwash bottle again, but here is the funny bit.  I was eating my lunch while she noisily threw up. I turned to the others in the branch, rolled my eyes a bit (she is very dramatic and was being as loud as possible to make a point!) and calmly ate my lunch. ME! I ate while someone was sick fifteen feet away! 

Of course now I'm home I'm a bit wobbly I may catch it, but I wasn't like me at all today. I can't believe it!

 La la laaaaaaaaaa! I'm very proud of myself!

Tracey Kidman

*results may vary from person to person

Weight loss therapy review

*I went to see David Samson because I felt I had an obsession with eating that had become unhealthy.

I would spend hours concentrating on what my next meal might be, what I might eat at the weekend, which restaurant I would go to and what I might order. These were the thoughts that filled my mind most of the time.

Visiting David has made me think about food very differently.

I eat more slowly and elegantly. I do this to enjoy the whole process of dining - the company, the experience, the conversation, the surroundings - not just the food.

I have lost a little weight, not a huge amount (maybe half a dress size in 2 months) but enough to prove there is a definite correlation between the amount of food on your plate and your dress size!

More importantly I feel have freed up some space left in my mind to consider, appreciate and enjoy other things. I have more focus on my work, other hobbies, and on being the best that I can be, physically and mentally. It is this that has been the real prize of the process for me.


*results may vary from person to person

Anxiety therapy review

Hi David,
*So far the anxiety has generally kept at bay. For the first few days following our second session it felt a little as if I were on a roller coaster; I could feel the anxiety rising up, and then it would dissipate!

As you said, I have had the odd setback, but the difference is now I recognise it for what it is, so when I feel myself getting anxious about small things now, I realise that it's just my fear magnifying itself and it goes away again (I hope that makes sense!). I've also been practising the self-hypnosis.

Generally I have found I am more relaxed and sleeping a lot better which is amazing! Thank you for your help!
By the way, I believe my friend Petra has contacted regarding her fear of flying - I sung your praises!
Kind regards,
Emma Broome

*results may vary from person to person

Weight loss therapy review

Hi David,

*....What I find most mentally relieving is that I have broken out of the cycle I was stuck in, of eating to excess, feeling bad, then doing it again. I am eating much better, but still not all the right things, but I know I am not having to hide my eating now, and this is truly liberating.

I really do feel as though I know and appreciate myself far more. I would say that the pain of some of the sessions we did and the issues they raised are not to be underestimated. It was important for me to re-visit those feelings and experiences, and now I can put them to good use.

Thank you for your assistance, it has been invaluable.

Regards, Jonathan Gregory

*results may vary from person to person

Fear of being sick therapy review


Dear David,

*From the age of 9 I used to think I wasn't normal like all the other kids around me throughout my school years, carrying my bottle of water as my safety blanket. I was looking for years to find a reason why and most importantly a cure to fix my weird phobia. I used to think I was the only one in the world with this problem. I was scared to grow up with Emetophobia because I have huge ambitions and in my profession I cant afford to be dealing with it every day!

When I found David Samson's site it was the first time I had realised I wasn't alone. I was excited to see him and get down to work on how this started. He understands exactly what my mind was thinking in everyday situations. Breaking it down you realise it is 100% possible to fix it!

After 6 weeks of seeing David, I find myself feeling very confident now and able to take huge steps to having a good day, and most importantly feeling normal!

Thank you,

Philip Price

*results may vary from person to person

Fear of flying therapy review

Dear David,

*I have been so very pleased the the hypnotic treatment.

I first heard of David Samson through my Aunt, who was also a hypnotherapist. I had a fear of getting ill especially being sick, I used to check the expiry date on every item and checked every piece of chicken to see if it was white. I was dreading getting on the plane to fly to Florida, which everyone else would love.

David has now completely transformed my life is I eat chicken and do not check every single piece. I now also go on public transport without breathing through a tissue. I now really look forward to flying to Florida now as David has provided me a toolbox with 6 techniques to help me get through the flight.

I never realised what hypnosis can do until now. While in hypnosis you are fully in control and relaxed, when you return from hypnosis you feel like you have just come out of a deep sleep.
At first I thought hypnosis may not help me at all but it really has. I would strongly recommend David to anyone with a fear of flying, getting ill or any other fear. David can change your life!

James Hersheson Age 14

*results may vary from person to person

Best hypnotherapist London Letter Of The Month 5 Star hypnotherapy reviews


*Dear David,

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done to help me since I came to see you in April 2017. In my forties, I was completely depressed, overweight and pretty much hated every aspect of myself and my life, and couldn't see how my life could improve. I had hit an all time low in my life and I came to you out of sheer desperation and frustration. I was broken, vulnerable and completely depressed. I couldn't see how my life could be happy and didn't believe I deserved to be.

I remember the first time I saw you, I didn't know what I was doing and thought that I was a bit mad to take such drastic measures to sort out my problems. I was very angry, hostile, stressed and very upset. You spoke to me very matter of factly about my concerns and in a way which no-one had ever spoken to me before. You were a bit tough on me but I see this as tough love and it was necessary for you to do, to get through to me as I can be incredibly stubborn and set in my way of thinking.

To anyone reading this who is debating whether to have a course of hypnotherapy, I would say that you have nothing to lose and that David is the very best at what he does. Yes, it won't be cheap but you have to remember that you get what you pay for: you could pay to see someone else for less but you may not get the same results. This is the way how I saw it and I am so happy I chose to see David. I am not rich and earn a modest salary, so this was not an easy decision for me to make, but in hindsight one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made.

David is in a league of his own and I would not be able to attribute my successes to all my problems had it not been for his help. David is very kind and caring and he absolutely wants the best for each of his clients. You don't have to go in understanding what he does or how the treatment will work - you just have to go in with an open mind and do your homework if he gives you any. David can be tough but please remember that this is because he wants the best for you, is determined to help you, and that it always comes from a good place.

For me, I made the decision to have a course of hypnotherapy with David as I felt I owed it to myself to change my life for the better and I realised I couldn't face going through life the way that I had been. I am so relieved and grateful to David for everything he has done for me. Because of David, I can have the life I have always wanted, I don't live in fear and I am happy - I've not been able to say I was happy since when, well, forever!

Thank you so much again David. I am determined to have a wonderful life now, which I know I can do thanks to you.


*results may vary from person to person


Hello David

*I wanted to drop you an email to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me back a greater quality of life. This year has been a real challenge for me in many ways having had 2 miscarriages, terminal illness in my family as well as the daily struggles I faced in terms of getting past my fear and anxieties.

You have taught me some valuable skills in how to control my anxiety, understand my fear and just put a lot of things back in perspective. I feel a lot more in control again of my life and no longer shy away from doing certain things.

There aren't enough words to to say how truly grateful I am to you for helping me get my life back on track and I will always be grateful to you and will always think of you when I feel sick ! :)

Kind Regards


*results may vary from person to person


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