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fear of flying client reviews

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David Samson's specialist Fear of Flying course:

Gemma Hadley fear of flying hypnosis client reviews

Hi David, 

*I hope that you are well.

I'm sorry it's taken this long to write but it's been VERY hectic. I just wanted to say thank you for your help with what feels like more than than just a fear of flying! I seem to be really ok with flying now which is amazing in itself, but much more than that I'm feeling less fear of everything, it's like I've been scared of most things. I've been on speed boats, and have wind surfed and have truly been amazed by my new found curiosity!

So thank you, it's much appreciated, and my partner also thinks the transformation is amazing; he also proposed to me in France, so, it really has been a fabulous time of new ventures.

Very best wishes,

Gemma Hadley
TV Presenter


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Luisa Marshall | Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy client review

Hi David,

*As promised, positive proof that I made it to California!

Got back on Sunday, still can't believe I got through those long haul flights but I know the help you gave me with our sessions made me believe in myself and reinforced positive thinking to come in and hold back the negative thoughts that had threatened to overpower my mental approach to the whole trip.

I still took a pill for each flight but not half a dozen like I had previously imagined I would have to take to even contemplate this.  We had some turbulence mid flight on the way back and I remembered your advice about relaxing into it and it really helped me cope.

The wedding was beautiful and the road trip for two weeks afterwards was amazing, I had never dreamed I would ever be able to see San Francisco and the Grand Canyon among other lovely places we saw. 

Now suffering badly from jet lag but a small price to pay for being able to share in my son's happy day which at the outset I had thought an impossibility.

Well, once again thank you so much for taking me from that "no way" beginning session through to the "I can do this" stage and then coming through the whole experience drawing on our sessions to help me along the way - I will continue to use that positivity wherever I can.

Very best wishes and have a great Summer.

Luisa Marshall

*results may vary from person to person

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Amanda Noar | Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy client review

Hi David, 

*Well....my journey both to and from Istanbul went very well indeed. 

I took a half a pill, spoke to the air stewards, sat next to my daughter, listened to your CD and was absolutely fine!!!!

Coming back, I started to get agitated in the taxi because my mind was just going to negative thoughts all the time but I listened to your recording and got myself in check and again, coped really well.

I remembered everything we talked about and put the techniques into practice and it worked!!!
This is real progress for me!  

Thanks again for everything
Amanda Noar

*results may vary from person to person

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Martin Harrison | Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy client review


*I got back last week from 5 weeks in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and as promised just dropping you a line on the how it all went.

We had 4 flights, 2 international to and from Bangkok and 2 internal.

I was considerably less anxious in the days before the outbound flight.

There were some extended periods of mild/medium turbulence on the flight and I was certainly more relaxed while it was happening.

It felt to me as though I was looking at the fear through the wrong end of a telescope so that although I could feel it and sense it I was removed from it.

My usual physiological reaction to turbulence of sweat on my palms was much reduced.

The return flight had a few bumpy episodes (of the coffee spilling variety) and as with the outbound flight I was much calmer about the whole thing.

Also in the days running up to the return flight my mind did not dwell on the matter which it used to do.

 So thank you very much for the sessions and I will certainly recommend you to others.

Best wishes

 Martin Harrison

*results may vary from person to person


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