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How can hypnotherapy improve self confidence?

Whatever happened to you when young cannot be changed but what can be altered is your reaction in the present day to situations that cause you to be fearful or doubtful of your performance.  A course of regression hypnotherapy will allow the subconscious to be accessed and reveal the root cause of why you perceive yourself the way you do.

For example, you may have been called 'stupid' or told that you would 'never make anything of your life’. Seeing these scenes again as an adult allows you to process them as an adult rather than a scared and confused five year old.

This will then allow you to reprogram your beliefs and goals in a more productive useful way, thus increasing your self-confidence. You will also be taken through a series of visualisation exercises to see the 'new you' and how good you appear and these images are then firmly planted in your mind.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome any future negative self talk by this improving of your self-image and preventing any negative input.

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Dear David,

*It is difficult for me to articulate just how grateful I am for your help through our hypnotherapy sessions.  I came to you as a bit of a sceptic but very much in need of a change and willing to give it a go.  Over the years, I have tried a variety of treatments including cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, yoga, beach holidays and self-help books and they all helped .... a bit.  The hypnotherapy has done wonders in a matter of weeks. 

Although I came to you to address self-confidence issues, our sessions have touched upon and improved a multitude of aspects in my life, which I did not expect but am benefiting greatly from.   Not only has my self-esteem increased markedly but, after struggling for years with deep depression, I truly feel better and am convinced for the first time in ages that I will know fundamental happiness.

I am not just happy on the surface; I have hope again - something that I (thought I) lost a long time ago.   These results are akin to a miracle in my eyes! So, thank you so very much for everything you have done for me.

Warm regards,


*results may vary from person to person

What will having increased self confidence and self esteem do for you?

+  Will allow you to focus on your good points.

+  You will no longer be excessively self-critical. Instead you will feel worthy, competent and confident about your ability to handle life's challenges.

+  You will be able to receive criticism in either your professional or private life more constructively and objectively, allowing you to improve your relationships.

+ You will be able to let go of errors made in the past that may be preventing you from developing yourself socially, financially or professionally.

+ You will find it easier to meet new people, go on dates, interview for jobs and conduct yourself confidently at business meetings. You will generally have a more positive and healthier outlook on life.

+  You will start to view goals and targets as opportunities to grow and develop yourself further.

+  You will become a more attractive and likeable person that people will want to be around.

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*I thought I would drop you a quick note to say that I went out on 2 pitches yesterday and there was a huge breakthrough. Pre and during meeting, I had no physiological symptoms. My voice was clear when I spoke and I could not believe I felt so calm and normal!!!!

I especially made sure to go into the start of the meeting on my own so it was not just the comfort of having someone else in the room. And this is when all the anxiety would take place, and I was relaxed and was almost waiting for the onset of the shakes/sweats etc! Nothing!

It was such a revelation. It made my body language change and I was more comfortable and confident as a result. And it was not just this meeting, it was also the next one as well.

I really hope this is something that will continue to happen now and not just a one off. This will be such a radical change for me if it is like this moving forward for all meeting situations. I have further meetings later today which I have to lead, and I am hoping the same thing will happen.   


*results may vary from person to person

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Dear David,

*Over the past couple of weeks there have been a couple of challenges both at work and in my personal life that I have dealt with in a strong determined way and actually on the personal issue very much surprised myself at my attitude to the problem.  In a strange way although physically I am still feeling quite under par and know I need to ensure my own wellbeing comes first as selfish as that sounds I am feeling much stronger within myself.  I have not been unkind but have been saying NO to things instead of undertaking additional burdens and am less prepared to be taken for granted. 


*results may vary from person to person

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