Hypnotherapy for Stress & Anxiety

What is stress?

Stress is the reaction of the autonomic nervous system to real or imagined danger. It is the human body’s instinctive defence against attack. In the event of threatened or actual physical attack, the fight or flight mechanism kicks in and the system releases adrenaline to boost the body’s ability to fight off the attacker or run away quicker than normal. Once the real or imagined threat has subsided, the system then returns to normal. In some situations, some unused adrenaline will remain in the system which can cause long-term stress.

Fight or Flight?

The fight or flight mechanism was very useful in the days of cavemen being chased by sabre-toothed tigers. Stress wasn’t really an issue then but in the modern day where we worry about redundancy and the world’s economic problems, there is no outlet for this stress as the system’s original design was intended to take care of physical threats.

What are the most stressful situations?


What are the symptoms of stress and anxiety?

Stress affects people in different ways and a sufferer may have some of the following symptoms: 

How can hypnotherapy help with stress and anxiety?

Why is it that some people appear to never get stressed whereas others are continually ‘wired’? The secret lies in their early years and how they were ‘taught’ to react in situations. A calm mother is likely to react in a totally different way to that of a nervous mother if their child falls off their bike and grazes their knee. Regression Hypnotherapy allows access to these early memories, uncovers the root causes of the anxiety and then allows the sufferer to see situations in a much calmer way.

An additional tool in the hypnotherapist’s box is to teach the client self hypnosis. This technique reduces the effects of stress on the body by deeply relaxing the person, lowering heart rate and blood pressure and relaxing all muscle tension.

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