Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

How Does Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss work?

Diets do help you to lose weight…short term perhaps but long term…they don’t.

Why is this?

Diets just deal with the food side of things but as you probably now realise, this has a lot to do with other issues and food is just a factor of weight loss.

So why use hypnotherapy to help you to lose weight?

Human beings are the only creatures that overeat for emotional reasons. These emotions may include boredom, comfort, loneliness, rejection, anger, poor self belief and self sabotage.

So what if there was a unique therapy that was able to locate the root causes of these emotions…address the issues that cause these emotions at their root…thus preventing these emotions in the present day from triggering an overeating response?

The answer lies in Regression Hypnotherapy!

The first six years of life are crucial…during this time our brains are like sponges and take onboard so much information…the majority of it good but also some not so good.

Have you ever been told ‘be a good girl and eat all your food’ or maybe ‘if you clear your plate you can have an ice cream’. These sound quite innocent and harmless comments BUT they can have a huge impact upon your relationship with food as an adult.

So where does hypnosis come into all of this?

Hypnotherapy enables a person to access memories from early childhood, to re-experience the emotions felt at that time and then overwrite those childhood perceptions from an adult point of view.

How does my technique differ from others?

This technique is a fresh and quite unique approach to the growing problem of emotional eating and subsequent obesity.

I am an award winning hypnotherapist with 18 years of experience in helping people to lose weight using hypnotherapy.

Please give me a call and we can set up an initial 30 minute consultation, free of charge where I can fully explain how I may be able to help you to lose weight permanently

Weight Loss myths

Long term diets work…

…any hint of deprivation plays havoc with the subconscious brain and the appetite stimulating hormones kick in making you more hungry. 90% of yo-yo dieters regain the weight lost

Skipping breakfast teaches your body to burn fat…

…in fact, the drop in blood sugar later on that day causes more compulsion around food

Diet drinks help you lose weight…

…a study from the University of Texas showed that diet drinkers’ waist sizes grew 70% more in 10 years than non-diet drinkers. Artificial sweeteners are 13,000 times sweeter than sugar and switch on the sugar cravings that make you want more

Diet alone will result in weight loss…

…exercise is just as important as diet. 30 minutes walking a day is as good as a punishing gym regime

Starve all week and then blow out at weekends…

…not a good idea! Psychologically it teaches you that eating during the week is not a satisfying experience and will lead to even more reckless bingeing over the weekend