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reviews for hypnosis weight loss

*results may vary from person to person

Dear David,

*Courage, Confidence, Conviction:  these are just three of the many positives I have achieved from having hypnotherapy with you.

I came to see you with a desperate hope, but no real conviction, that you could help me overcome an emotional problem that had been plaguing me for years.  It was causing me untold misery, and I had unsuccessfully sought help on several occasions from different therapies.

You solved it rapidly.

Game over?  No.  With my new-found happiness, I now had the courage to confront my excessive weight problem.  Buying clothes was a nightmare; nothing looked good.  I was a shameful, overstuffed sack, tied loosely in the middle.  When I first consulted you I was also scheduled to have knee replacement surgery for severe arthritis.  I hobbled around and avoided stairs, often in great pain.

With your hypnotherapy expertise and wise guidance the weight came off safely and securely.  I lost over four stone, with no feelings of deprivation whatsoever.

(And, unexpectedly, I went down a shoe size).

Now I run up stairs and escalators, swim vigorously at least five times a week, play strenuous games with my grandchildren and enjoy spins on my new bike. I love buying clothes in size 8 after being size 22 such a short time ago, and regularly receive compliments about my new, slim image.

The knee surgery?  The dramatic weight loss made it totally unnecessary. 

My confidence has soared.  I am a different person, and have re-discovered joy in simple things and great delight in my new life style.

David,  as well being a highly  skilled hypnotherapist,  you have an innate wisdom and insight into all areas of human nature, enabling you to give me invaluable counsel which has  improved and enhanced my professional and personal life. 

I believe that you are unique in your field, a wise, gentle, compassionate man with almost magical skills.  The day I consulted you was the day I started to live again.  Thank you, David, for giving me back my life.


*results may vary from person to person

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*results may vary from person to person

Dear David

*I thought I would write a short note to show my gratitude for the transformation you have allowed me to make, coming to you with a lifetime of over eating, binge eating and a general poor attitude to food and life had left me with low self esteem, low confidence and a body, inside and out that I hated.

After just a few sessions with you I started to see a difference in my habits and after a few more a transformation. I am now much happier in life, can deal with the day to day challenges much better and for the first time ever I am genuinely happy and at peace with my lot, food no longer dominates my life, I have gone from 21 stone to 17 stone ( see photo attached) with what seems hardly any effort on my part.

Your skills as a hypnotherapist are indisputable but I find the chats and advice you offer about life outside of the sessions a true inspiration, your words stick with me, I listen to what you say and with your guidance I am happier than I have ever been, both inside and out.

Saying thanks you doesn't seem in any way adequate enough for what you have done for me but I will say it anyway


With regards

Paul Bennett

*results may vary from person to person

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*results may vary from person to person

*I came to see you six years ago. I just wanted you to know how great my life is!! I enjoy each and every day instead of dreading waking up! I had fears and phobias about most things in life.

The help you gave me enabled me to take the steps that have completely turned my life around, the confidence just keeps on growing, I lost 3 stone in weight , gave up smoking, and came off medication.

I'm sure you see so many people David, but I just thought I would drop you a line to let you that I LIVE my life now, I never thought it was possible.

I've had to deal with some very tough times in the last six years but I found the courage and strength to deal with them.

 Kind Regards,

Julie Owen.

*results may vary from person to person

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*results may vary from person to person

*I used to be an out of shape, insecure individual haunted by childhood taunts about my body and fearful of being in a relationship because of fear of abandonment and getting hurt.

Over the last few months working with David, I've noticed positive changes that I'm not only pleased with but also sometimes still in disbelief that it's actually me living the life I'm living now.

My energy levels have increased and my confidence levels have risen to an unprecedented level. I've lost 10lb of fat and gained significant muscle tone by hitting the gym with renewed vigour. As a result, my business is flourishing (I'm a self employed consultant), my relationships with people have improved along with my self esteem and best of all, I'm now in a healthy enriching relationship with a positive, caring and beautiful woman who also happens to be into fitness as well.

Like attracts Like they say...but I had to BECOME that person first to attract the woman of my dreams.

This only happened when David opened my eyes to the "real" me that I was previously burying beneath all that negativity and self doubt.

Talk to David. You have nothing to lose. He is in my opinion THE BEST at what he does. With an innate ability to draw out the very best in people, his success in helping me (a regular guy) is something I have no doubt can be applied successfully to you too.

Thanks David!

Mark Villarosa


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