Hypnotherapy Success Stories

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Weight loss

I like many wasn’t sure Hypnotherapy was for me. After being introduced to David more than 3 years ago his therapy changed my life for the better, not just the 84lbs weight loss but in lots of important aspects of my life. Thanks David.



I have only received 4 treatments so far and all I can say how it has changed my life for the better.
David is so professional and we have done all this on a Zoom meeting because of being in lockdown, which has been fantastic. I have felt very comfortable and at ease at all times



I am generally a sceptic when it comes to things like this but David Samson’s work resulted in a very fundamental shift for me. I really like his approach and whilst I’m not sure how the hell he achieved what he did, all I know is that it worked and I’m just glad I tried him out. He’s also a top bloke.



My sessions have made me feel strong and ready to take on the world; he truly has made me feel like I have something to live for and that I am able to conquer things I had convinced myself I couldn’t cope with. There is nothing this man can’t do and I cannot recommend him enough. He is as amazing as everybody tells you he is, and with him it is totally possible to overcome anything.


Fear of flying

I’ve been a nervous flyer since childhood and just thought I would have to live with it but I decided to try and do something about it and went to 4 sessions with David and have totally changed my view of flying and was able to fly happily with my daughter and her friends feeling totally in control. Thank you!



The best thing I did online was search for the Best Hypno to stop smoking. David’s name popped up and contacted him. My friends and family can not believe I am a NON smoker. Also I can now breathe properly I can see the affects of non smoking in my mind and body. I feel so much better and proud of myself. Thank you David I honestly can’t thank you enough.