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 About me...

I am a London based Clinical Hypnotherapist with sixteen years of experience
and during that time have successfully treated many thousands of clients for issues such as weight loss, fear of flying, insomnia, phobias, stress and anxiety

My promise to you is that you will be treated with the utmost care and respect though professionalism, reassurance and experience; I am calm and very straight forward and am dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for all my clients.

I hold a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (SQHP) and a Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy (Dip.Adv.Hyp). My work has been featured on television, radio and in the media. I was very fortunate to have been named as the 'Hypnotherapist Of The Year' in the Austin Hypnotherapy Awards London

Please take time to read the hypnotherapy testimonials from clients and you will hear it from them

Kindest regards,  David


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Call 020 8201 0618 to book a free hypnotherapy consultation or click here to email



Alexandra Shulman | Fear of Flying

Former Editor of Vogue

*"I've done every type of therapy, fear of flying courses, in-flight simulators, I've had drugs, hypnosis, everything, but then somebody recommended a regressive hypnotherapist called David Samson"

*results may vary from person to person


Sally Eyden | Insomnia therapy

Former Editor of NOW Magazine

*"Thanks to David, I ditched the earplugs and the sleeping pills and I've slept like a baby since."

*results may vary from person to person


hypnosis for fear of flying


*" journey both to and from Istanbul went very well indeed. I remembered everything we talked about and put the techniques into practice and it worked!!! This is real progress for me!"

*results may vary from person to person


Paul Bennett | Lose weight with hypnosis

Director at Berkeley, Hong Kong

*"I have gone from 21 stone to 17 stone with what seems hardly any effort on my part. Your skills as a hypnotherapist are indisputable but I find the chats and advice you offer about life outside of the sessions a true inspiration"

*results may vary from person to person



*"Now I run up stairs and escalators, swim vigorously at least five times a week and play strenuous games with my grandchildren. I love buying clothes in size 8 after being size 22 such a short time ago, and regularly receive compliments about my new, slim image.

With your hypnotherapy expertise and wise guidance the weight came off safely and securely.  I lost over four stone, with no feelings of deprivation whatsoever."

*results may vary from person to person



*"David didn't force me to take myself out of my comfort zone but after a few sessions I found myself volunteering to drive places whereas my husband would always drive.

Last week I made my biggest step forward - I drove my husband and daughter on the m25 - my husband couldn't believe the difference in my confidence and I drove an hour with a smile on my face."

*results may vary from person to person

Call 020 8201 0618 to book a free hypnotherapy consultation or click here to email

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