Hynotherapy for Binge Drinking

The difference between Alcholism and Binge Drinking

Alcoholism is classified as a substance use disorder, and binge drinking can fall under the same category however there are certain distinctions between alcoholism and binge drinking.

 Binge Drinking is defined as the consumption of a high volume of alcohol in a short time span. Some binge drinkers may consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol on the weekends but can easily get through the week without drinking.

 Alcoholism isn’t defined by a particular number of drinks. It is a chronic condition with an inability to control drinking together with an increased tolerance to alcohol.

I am an award winning hypnotherapist with 18 years of experience in helping people to quit binge drinking using hypnotherapy. I am however unable to offer treatment for alcoholism as this requires specialist long term treatment.

Research into Hypnosis for Binge Drinking

A recent study involved 31 adults in an inpatient treatment program for alcohol use disorder. They were randomly assigned to two different groups. All attended group counselling and activities, but they also received 1 hour of individual therapy each week.

One group received motivational interview therapy, or treatment as usual. The other group received hypnotherapy instead.

Hypnotherapy, as used in this study, involved asking each participant to visualize themselves mastering urges to drink alcohol in various ways, such as:

The benefits of Hypnotherapy for Binge Drinking

If you use alcohol to manage anxiety, depression, loneliness, and stress, then hypnotherapy can be particularly helpful.

Hypnotherapy can help by modifying drinking habits. This is known as a type of behavioural change for which hypnotherapy is ideally suited. this could support the use of hypnotherapy for quitting drinking.

What are your goals around drinking?

What is the process?

Binge drinking has its original roots in childhood…that doesn’t mean you started having thoughts about drinking alcohol as a baby! Something happened to you when very young that causes the adult to use alcohol to manage anxiety, depression, loneliness, and stress.

Whatever happened to you when young cannot be changed but what can be altered is your reaction in the present day to situations that cause you to experience those issues mentioned.  A course of regression hypnotherapy will allow the subconscious to be accessed and reveal the root cause of your anxieties and fears

This will then allow you to reprogram your beliefs and goals in a more productive useful way, thus increasing your self belief. You will also be taken through a series of visualisation exercises to see the ‘new you’ and how good you appear and these images are then firmly planted in your mind. Once you have been guided through these suggestions and visualization exercises, you will gently and calmly come out of the hypnotic state.

Please give me a call and we can set up an initial 30 minute consultation, free of charge where I can fully explain how I may be able to help you to cut back on your drinking.